Avatar! What a great movie! anyone see the cool Metadata?

…I suppose I need a longer vacation if I was thinking about Metadata while watching this amazing movie. ….but did anyone else notice the detailed metadata throughout the movie, especially during Jake’s video logging? …..anyone catch the date of his final entry? ; )


2 Responses to “Avatar! What a great movie! anyone see the cool Metadata?”

  1. Dan S. Says:

    8/24/2154 (I think)
    Just saw the movie this afternoon. What’s the significance of this date?

    • dsrealtime Says:

      Nothing special about the date! Just checking to see who else noticed the obvious use of metadata in his video log….. would have been cool if he did a search on it. 😉 Of course, in 2154 it will probably be a holographic image that floats in front of you or something else we haven’t even considered yet………

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