NHL hockey…Let’s Go Devils!

Now it’s time for the “Post-Lou” era. I remember when he arrived in the mid 80’s. The Devils were struggling! They coudn’t even make it to the playoffs, and hardly filled the arena. Lou sent a letter to all ticket holders and promised a plan that would get the Devils to the Stanley Cup. I remember reading that letter and thinking “really? Are they ready to reach that high?” Who knew that they would competitive within only a few years and then come up with the chemistry that led them to 3 Cup championships, 5 finals, and 7 conference finals over a span of 20+ years. It was a great ride, Lou! Thanks! …the pressure is on for the next guy….

Time to move on beyond that last Cup stretch…tough year this time around and now everyone is in a lull following the Sochi Olympics. Maybe there’s a playoff on the horizon? …just hoping Marty gives it one more year and the team agrees….

My beloved NJ Devils are taking it on the chin against the LA Kings…..who look absolutely amazing. I will keep the faith, as I always do, but this one is tough…

Perhaps they used up all their emotional and physical energy beating that team across the Hudson? ; ) Regardless of what happens in this Stanley Cup Final, or what anyone says, beating our arch rival in the Conference Final is a highlight that will be enjoyed over and over and over and over again……clearly one of the greatest moments in the history of the franchise!

Update June 11, 2012 — ….the fun ride continues…. Two wins and we’re going back to LA…. ; )


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