…another way to load Terms into InfoSphere Business Glossary


Here are a few other Jobs for loading new Terms and Categories into Business Glossary. Like the earlier post on Business Glossary, these DataStage Jobs read a potential source of Terms (just alter the source stage as needed) and then create a target csv file that is in the correct format for loading into Business Glossary using the new 8.1 csv import/export features available at the Information Server Web Console… Glossary tab. The Jobs are fairly well annotated and should be self explanatory. I haven’t yet set them up for Custom Attributes, nor have they been widely tested —– but they are already being implemented at a variety of locations. Please let me know if you find them useful.


(the one with “XML” in the name is the same as the prior blog entry. Each is named .doc, but is actually a .dsx file).