Apache Atlas .8 and integration with IGC !

Hi all…

Recently we made a metadata bridge available between the Information Governance Catalog (IGC) and Apache Atlas .8.    Apache Atlas continues to evolve, and its 1.x implementation will soon be arriving, but many sites are using .8 today and would like to achieve at least “some” levels of automated integration between Hadoop and their Information Server repository , even if it is just to evaluate the possibilities for greater enterprise governance.     The link below points to a recording that illustrates the sharing of metadata between IGC and Apache Atlas .8.


The interface to Apache Atlas 1.x, which is being worked on, will operate in a similar fashion, though of course using all that the evolving Apache Atlas 1.x has to offer regarding Open Metadata Check out this link for more details on Open Metadata at the Apache Atlas Wiki….




3 Responses to “Apache Atlas .8 and integration with IGC !”

  1. Hans E. Rasmussen Says:


    I have tried to install the atlas-igc-connector.sh setup (Apache Atlas .8 and integration with IGC) on an HDP 2.6.4 sandbox installation with Atlas 0.8. The update from Hive to Atlas is working fine and we can see the postings in Kafka topic ATLAS_ENTITIES.
    I get to the part where I run the atlas-igc-connector.sh with the setup option.
    ( ./bin/atlas-igc-connector.sh –configFile ./conf/atlas-igc-connector.properties –operation setup )
    But it returns the error:
    2018-08-29 08:59:31.557 [main] ERROR notification.AtlasEntityNotification: Fatal error:
    at org.apache.atlas.igc.notification.AtlasEntityNotification.main(AtlasEntityNotification.java:252)
    Do you have any idea why we get this error and how to fix it ?

    Hans E. Rasmussen
    Senior Consultant
    Atea AS

    • dsrealtime Says:

      Hi Hans. I can’t think of a reason immediately….the first thing it does is prompt you for more details, so it isn’t trying at that point to connect to anything ……it’s been awhile since I’ve configured it, but looking at my own notes and console logs of testing it, be sure that you are using double-dashes prior to the options of –configFile and –operation. It might just be an html font thing above, but they look like single dashes. Could that be it? -ernie

      • Hans E. Rasmussen Says:

        Hi Ernie,

        Thanks for the reply.
        You were right. The solution was to use — instead of single -.

        We went through the setup OK, but got some errors when we started up the interface.
        It connects to KAFKA topic okay, but failes to connect to the IIS11_7 server.
        Maybe due to certificate problem. We will investigate further.

        The error was:
        2018-08-29 13:05:30.251 [main] INFO notification.IMAMRestClient: https://HostIPadress:9443/ibm/iis/imam-rest/v1/assets
        2018-08-29 13:05:34.638 [main] ERROR notification.AtlasEntityNotification: Fatal error:
        java.io.IOException: httpClient response status code = 403

        Hans E. Rasmussen

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