THINK 2018 Roundup

Hi everyone!

Just returned from a great week at our annual user conference in Las Vegas!   This was a much larger event than in the past, as it encompassed far more of the IBM portfolio than just Information Server or Analytics.    The halls and sessions across the venue were more crowded, but there was a lot more to learn!   Besides entirely new topics on the technology and issues facing our business, there were sessions on the use and integration of all parts of Information Server and other offerings across the IBM and partner portfolio.  I always learn more things about this platform at this event and enjoy hearing about our customers’ successes while providing insight and assistance where I can.

Specific to the Unified Governance and Integration area, THINK 2018 was a major opportunity to showcase Information Server release 11.7.    There were demos and sessions on everything from the integration of structured and un-structured data to the new Data Flow Designer for DataStage and machine learning.  In the next few weeks I will post details on my experiences with these new capabilities, especially as they relate to governance and metadata management.

Another exciting moment at this year’s conference was the opportunity to see and hear more about the continued evolution of Apache Atlas.  Members of the Apache Atlas team (IBMers, partners and customers) conducted a hands-on-lab that highlighted the progress being made on Open Metadata.  This included a powerful use case incorporating Apache Atlas and Ranger for dynamic data masking, and also illustrated the integration of Apache Atlas with the Infosphere Information Governance Catalog.  This is a working “proof point” for how independent repositories can share metadata using the Open Metadata APIs.   The team also participated in a panel discussion to discuss the value of ODPi, where all of us interested in governance can contribute to the success of Open Metadata.


Several members of the team participated in a book signing for a new “Redguide” that they recently authored, which reviews important use cases for Open Metadata and brings us up to date on the current progress of the Apache Atlas initiative!   This is a MUST READ for all of us who are passionate about metadata and governance!



Check out the links below for further information and details.

Apache Atlas…open source metadata and governance!

The new Redguide, The Journey Continues

Open Metadata (…at the Apache Atlas Wiki)

ODPi Project for Data Governance


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