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Hi Everyone…

Happy Spring! [for those of you in the northern hemisphere  ; )  ].   Great time to start “cleaning out” and “fixing up” things….whether around the house, or in the corners of our special projects.    In that latter category, I have “tidied up” a little utility I have been working on to assist everyone in building their OpenIGC prototypes or to assist in “getting to know” OpenIGC — a “form builder” for the “Publishing XML” needed to realize instances of your newly modeled and registered OpenIGC artifacts.

A lot of you have expressed the desire to get deeper into OpenIGC, but have found it difficult to get your arms around the xml aspects of it.  Either that, or cutting and pasting xml in a text editor is just not your thing.   For those reasons and others, I have been exploring various ways that a user interface could be created for OpenIGC assets — without resorting to an elegant albeit complex and lengthy GUI development effort.

Digging around, I found some open source javascript tooling to assist, and brushed off enough javascript and html skills to put it together.     At the url listed below you will find a tool that allows you to upload your bundle descriptor and generate a self-populating “form” to construct a publishing xml document for OpenIGC.   It also provides options to save the publishing xml to disk (for future use/editing) or to directly cut and paste into the igc-rest-explorer page.

It’s not “perfect” (I suspect it probably has its share of anomalies if you click on things out of order), but is hopefully a “helper” that will accelerate your efforts to implement custom assets for governance within IGC.

Please carefully READ the instructions (there is a link to instructions and a simple screen shot on the initial page).    The tool does not entirely “hide” your xml, and it REQUIRES that you understand your bundle (if you don’t know what I am talking about regarding OpenIGC and bundles, please review the blog series starting with )! ….still, it does a few nice things for you:

  • Performs all the xml tagging/formatting, ensuring that your xml remains “well-formed”
  • Presents a “pull-down” select list for your classNames and attribute enumerations
  • Generates the list of attributes (properties) for whatever class you select
  • Automatically generates the unique “assetIDs” for the asset instances that you define
  • Generates and presents a pull-down list for selecting “parent” assetIDs

As noted above, I can’t promise that it is entirely bug-free, but I can say that it has already helped me accelerate the prototyping of several bundles that I have been building recently to illustrate the power of OpenIGC for extending the repository.    Have fun, good luck, and please let me know how you make out in using this tool!       –ernie


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