Tech Talk on OpenIGC !

The session outlined below was held last week.    Marc did a fabulous job outlining how OpenIGC and its value for helping you achieve governance for ALL of your important metadata assets.     The recording can be found at



Hi all…  wanted everyone to hear about the upcoming “Tech Talk” that is scheduled for next week.   Marc Haber, Offering Manager for our metadata offerings, will be presenting, while myself and others will be monitoring the chat room for questions and discussion.

Here are the details:

Event Name : Information Governance Catalog
Event Date : Wednesday, Sept 14
Event Time :  1 PM – 2 PM US (EDT) Eastern Daylight Time
Presented by : Marc Haber, Offering Manager
This presentation will provide a comprehensive overview of ability to extend the Information Governance Catalog and support governance across new and alternate Data Sources or Systems. Understand how customers satisfy their requirements for a comprehensive Governance implementation or metadata management system with Information Governance Catalog. We will explore the process for defining and structuring new Asset Types and publishing information specific to Assets. Lastly, explore the process to govern such Assets, lending meaning thru Glossary Terms, documenting requirements thru Governance Rules and mapping information to support Data Lineage and Compliance Reporting. This topic will be presented by Marc Haber, Offering Manager for Information Governance Catalog and Data Governance in general across Information Server.  Marc has extensive experience with Business Glossary, Metadata Workbench and Governance Catalog – helping customers implement governance initiatives or satisfy metadata management requirements. 

Registration –

Password:  Governance

2 Responses to “Tech Talk on OpenIGC !”

    • dsrealtime Says:

      US Eastern. I let the organizer know that it was confusing as written and also updated the post above. THANKS! –ernie

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