Apache Atlas: “your first look!”

Hi Everyone.

Just finished uploading the initial video in a series of recordings concerning Apache Atlas, the evolving open source initiative for metadata management and governance in hadoop.

This recording is primarily designed for viewers who aren’t comfortable doing their own builds of open source solutions and also need some guidance on how to get started with vmware images that are available for download.  It introduces the concept and helps validate what needs to be done so that the viewer can be successful with available Apache Atlas resources on the web.  It starts with the download of existing images at the Hortonworks web site, and helps validate your environment so that you can continue with tutorials that are on the Hortonworks site, and/or start playing and exploring on your own.  This is the first in a series of recordings on Apache Atlas that share early experiences and discoveries regarding this important open source initiative for governance and metadata management in hadoop.

Recording can be found at:  https://youtu.be/C4lf_EFduqU

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