IBM Partners with Creative Solutions Using Open IGC !

Many of you come to these pages to understand how to extend the Information Server repository and use the various Information Governance Catalog APIs to enhance your users’ experiences and increase your governance capabilities.   But for some of you, there are too many interfaces, not enough time, not enough resources (or the right skilled resources) to complete the effort.   Please let me introduce you to various trusted IBM partners who have been trained on, and are using,  Open IGC and related techniques to help customers around the world reach their information governance goals.  Many of these partners have built formal “bridges” from various 3rd party tools, to automate the metadata import process, and most of them also offer expert consulting on IGC and governance strategies in general.

To our partners…thank you for your efforts to spread the word about Open IGC and for helping our customers make even greater progress towards their governance objectives.

To our customers…I invite you to visit these partners’ web pages, ask them about how they can assist you with Open IGC and IGC issues in general, and challenge them to further expand their offerings to extend the repository for all your governance needs.

To our future partnersif you have built or are building a creative solution for achieving governance with the Information Governance Catalog, reach out to myself or my IBM teammates around the world so that we can introduce your efforts to the overall IGC community and ensure your listing is on this page.

Thank you!      –ernie


Compact Solutions




Lucid Logo



















Other Vendor partners who have integrated their own direct solutions with the Information Governance Catalog via OpenIGC include:


Data Migrators


Pentaho (Hitachi Vantara)



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