Evolving Atlas…

Apache Atlas is continuing to evolve, and quite quickly (see an earlier post about Atlas, including links to this open source initiative and other valuable commentary… Apache Atlas…a Common Metadata Initiative with “legs” ?).    Going beyond merely storage and process-based metadata, the Apache project is poised to introduce the ability to define a business taxonomy that increases common understanding and further defines assets across the enterprise.  The important inclusion of business vocabularies ensures that information governance incorporates the needs of ALL members of an organization, and not just IT.

As Apache Atlas takes on greater roles and open source accelerates its uptake, we can foresee a future where Atlas is called upon whenever and wherever data is accessed.  In her latest blog, Mandy Chessell floats the idea of a Connector Framework for Apache Atlas [http://www.ibmbigdatahub.com/blog/insightout-role-apache-atlas-open-metadata-ecosystem.]   Connectors of all kinds can access Atlas at the exact moment that they harvest or act upon data, with the ability to make decisions using everything that Atlas has to offer — ownership, location, data quality statistics, lineage, usage requirements and rules, and more.    This allows Apache Atlas to be more “intimate” with the data integration life-cycle and able to deliver governance rules that have real “teeth”.   –ernie.

2 Responses to “Evolving Atlas…”

  1. Oscar Says:

    These developments are encouraging. On a related note, this ties into an infographic I saw several years ago. It has since been further refined. Here is the original post: http://community.aiim.org/blogs/marcus-ledergerber/2012/09/17/better-e-discovery-unified-governance-and-the-igrm

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