Actional Diagnostics…great to use an “old friend” again…

Hi All…

Just a quick note. I had the pleasure today of finally getting around to installing Actional Diagonostics. This is the latest release of what used to be called “SOAPScope”…it’s been awhile since I’ve had a need for it…but it was perfect, still providing all the great things that it did in its earlier implementations.

This is something I’ve been meaning to do for a long time, but haven’t had the chance. Mindreef was acquired by Progress Software several years ago, and what was originally “SOAPScope” has been rebranded. I don’t have any specifics as to the other Actional offerings that are connected, but I can say that the experience was excellent. The download and install went very smoothly, and I was invoking a service within minutes. The screens appear to be the same, although they have probably included new functionality that I have yet to explore.

If you need an easy to use testing tool for your services, put this one on your list. There are many of them out there….all good tools….. I happen to have always liked this one because it offers a good compromise — it will appeal to users like myself who are comfortable with xml and http protocols, yet also be easily adopted by users who don’t want to be exposed to xml and simply want an easy-to-use GUI. Especially nice in Actional Diagnostics is the ability to perform load testing, where you can easily create multiple threads (thus simulating multiple users) invoking your service in concurrent fashion.

Bravo to the team who is still supporting this.

You can find the download details at



2 Responses to “Actional Diagnostics…great to use an “old friend” again…”

  1. guest159 Says:

    Thanks for the helpful datastage articles which are helping me as a quick reference.

    But how to access the additional examples that have been quoted in the articles.

    Example:- I am unable to access the follwoing content.

  2. Gene Gauthier Says:

    I had some problems locating the software. It can be downloaded from the Progress Community at:

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