The new XMLPack in 8.5….generating xsd’s….

As noted in an earlier post and outlined nicely in Vincent’s blog (new xml!), the new XML Pack is here… It is very powerful, providing new features for reading and transforming hierarchical data, performs faster (and smarter) than earlier xml technologies within DataStage, and much more. It also requires that you have an XML Schema Definition (xsd) for the import of xml metadata. Most of the time this is not an issue. The xml documents you are reading and/or writing are well defined, complying with a formal xsd developed within your organization, or perhaps by a partner, yourself or by a standards body. But sometimes, there is no xsd. You may not have access to one, it might have been lost, or it never existed. The XML might be simple enough that it was just generated by another tool without the use of an xsd (or you are asked to generate it), or the xml might be old enough to pre-date the arrival of xsd’s.

There are many ways to generate an xsd. Popular tools such as Altova XMLSpy support this capability, as do many others, including xml Max, whose link I have over on the link list to the right. A quick search on the web will invite you to try a lengthy list of possibilities. One that I’ve been very successful with is called “trang”.

This little tool does more than just xsd generation, although that is the functionality that I have found most useful. I’ve tried it on Windows and on Linux. It is easy to use, well documented, has references from other bloggers across the web, and does the Job. It is command line based, and requires that you have a java run time locally installed. There may be more sophisticated tools out there, but this is sufficient for what I need to be productive with the new XML Stage.

Let me know if you find any others!


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  1. Jennifer Fell Says:

    Product documentation for the new XML transformation capability is located here:

    A PDF version of that material is included with the software.

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