The new XML Stage is here!

Just announced yesterday…the new XML Stage is available for 8.5! This introduces a whole new level of XML Transformation to the Information Server platform! Among its new capabilities are the ability to read single huge documents using a new streaming methodology that avoids the need to load the document into memory, support for any type of xsd, or collection of xsd’s, to define your xml metadata, and perhaps most important, a whole new hierarchical editing mode called an “Assembly”, which provides support for the creation of complex multi-node hierarchical structures! There’s much more, such as very explicit control of xml validation, a built-in test facility to ease transformation development, and support for both EE and Server Jobs. I’ve had a chance to play with the Stage over the last few months, and will share my experiences and techniques in upcoming posts.

In the meantime, I’d like to congratulate my IBM teammates in engineering for this accomplishment! This new capability will change how we approach many transformation solutions!

You can find the new XML Transformation capability at fix pack central for application to your 8.5 installation.


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  1. Jennifer Fell Says:

    Product documentation for the new XML transformation capability is located here:

    A PDF version of that material is included with the software.

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