5 Responses to “Linking DataStage Jobs Together”

  1. Swapnil Desai Says:

    Hi Ernie,
    I have one more question related to automated services for job linkages.
    As per the three rules mention for automated services, we tried to re-visit our ETL codes and find out the issue for not having the linkage adopted with automated services.
    As a part of experiment, we had created two set of jobs satisfying above mention three rules
    First set was with hardcoded path and file name for sequential file
    Second set with Job parameter and file name for sequential file
    Conclusion, the first set got linked between jobs created with automated services, but for second set linkage was not established. I guess the default parameter value defined at environment or project level is not getting propagated and linkage is not getting established

    Can you please suggest resolving above issue related to automated services?

    Appreciate your help

    – Swapnil Desai

    • sarath Says:

      I too have the same issue . When the Jobs are parameterized it does not provide the linkage . Can this only be resolved by “stage binding” option only ?

      • dsrealtime Says:

        You don’t need to do manual Stage bindings — but you must have “default” values provided for the Job Parameters — the default values are what will be used by Metadata Workbench to “detect associations” between DataStage Jobs and their assets….if those default values are in the Job or in Parameter sets, they will be picked up automatically — if they are in $PROJDEF at the project level, and established via the DS/QS Administrator, then you have to run the ProcessEnvVariables.sh (you will find it in the ASBNode subdirectory tree)…that will pick up the necessary default values out of dsparams. — Ernie

      • dsrealtime Says:

        Note also the additional note I added recently regarding lineage processing — column name requirements are no longer strict…

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