7 Responses to “Getting started with Data Lineage!”

  1. Linking DataStage Jobs Together « Real-Time Data Integration Says:

    […] If you need a refresher on the basics, please see Getting Started with Data Lineage!. […]

  2. ATUL VERMA Says:

    Hi Ernie

    I am having issue accessing DSXchange site despite buying Premium membership. I have sent messages but no response.
    Can you help?


  3. Niek Jetten Says:

    Hi Ernie,

    Once ETL has been implemented with datastage, I’m looking for a tool or service within datastage where I can clcik on a figure in a report and the datatrail including source and trace (calculations, default fill etc…) will be visible. Is there any tool or solution you know that can “visaulize lineage” ?


    • dsrealtime Says:

      Metadata Workbench gives you this for DataStage as well as other artifacts that surround a typical DataStage application — stored procedures, ftp scripts, etc.


      • Niek Jetten Says:

        Hi Ernie,

        Thanks for the answer. Your solution might be one that is suitable for technical experts. Actually I want to serve the business in testing and give them a data-quality control environment so that they can see where data came from and what transformations were done and why (data qaulity rules applied and what calculations were made.

        Regards, Niek

      • dsrealtime Says:

        I think you will find that the Metadata Workbench is for “more technical” users than the average business user, but it’s not required that you be a “technical expert”. I’ve seen “power users” be very productive with it.

        Perhaps the display of “business lineage” would be useful for you ….Via Business Glosssary, lineage can be displayed as “Business Lineage”, which is a high level summary of lineage that only includes the reports, tables and critical resources in the lineage path. Most business users don’t want to see the “gory detail” of the transformations. I have a post in here that describes business lineage and data lineage in more detail.

        You can also accomplish a compromise, by being creative with things like Extensions to put some of the important transformations into the “business lineage” display.

  4. Niek Jetten Says:

    Thanks a lot “dsrealttime”. I’ll get on with this next week

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