Reviewing really LARGE xml documents…

Recently I came across a tool that was very helpful in the review of large XML documents…..REALLY large xml documents…..Hundreds of megabytes and more! In the years I’ve been working with XML, every so often I come across a document that I can’t read, can’t process, or can’t otherwise easily research for a data integration application. The tools I usually employ either hit errors or take forever to open while parsing thru thousands upon thousands of elements and attributes.

XMLMax, from xponentsoftware, is a convenient alternative to using IE to open my XML, alleviating the need to wait and wait while a large document is opened (all too often failing in the process in one way or another). According to the author, XML Max uses several proprietary buffering techniques that support the immediate display of content and faster consumption of the entire document. I found that it was able to read two and three hundred megabyte documents in mere seconds when compared with other mechanisms.

XMLMax is not just an XML reader, as it also has the ability to edit and manipulate your documents. I found it intuitive to use and easy to install, and liked its features for finding the closing tags of any element, especially large ones. Another great feature is the default for ignoring DTDs. So many other tools default to looking for a DTD if specified in a document, and then blow up when trying to open them! My interests lie in particular with the study and examination of large documents for use as a source or target, and so I focused on those features. It is worth noting, however, that XMLMax also provides ways to use XSLT to break up documents into smaller pieces. At the time of this review, the product only ran on Windows, but there are apparently plans to port it to other platforms and also to provide a command line interface for programmatic operation.

Check it out at


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