Using Shortcuts with Information Services Director

If you are publishing Services with the Information Services Director (ISD, a.k.a. wISD), you may find it useful to take advantage of the shortcut feature that is available in the graphical interface. The navigation inside of the Console can be a bit confusing when you first use it, and if you aren’t a frequent user, these shortcuts will help when you return to manage the Web Services and other SOA artifacts you are generating with your DataStage and QualityStage Jobs and SQL Stored Procedures and Queries.

Create shortcuts and navigation aids. I recommend that you setup shortcuts to simplify things and help you remember the different workspaces that you will be using as you gain experience with ISD. These are my preferences, which of course you can change later, but I find that they make the experience with ISD, especially when you are first learning it, much easier.

a. Go to the Dashboard view (#2 icon…first to the right of the circle). Look around, click among the options on the left and read what appears on the right, but don’t click on anything at the right. After you’ve spent some time looking at the dashboard, click on the small “arrow” icon at the upper right and create a shortcut. I call mine “theDashboard.”

b. Now find “First steps” on the left, click on “Setup Information Services Connections” and then click on the link called “Go to the Information Services Connections workspace” on the right. Don’t do anything here yet – just click on the small arrow (shortcut) icon on the upper right and create another shortcut. I call this one “myProviders”.

c. Pull down Edit…Preferences…Key Commands. Find “toggle shortcut palette.” Choose Edit (button on lower right)…now choose “Add” and you will see a pull down (default is “none”). Choose a function key for this toggle switch. I use F2. Say ok and the window should close.

d. Now press F2. Your shortcut bar should open. Personally, I like to have this be its own window, as the opening bar is sometimes confusing. If you want to do this, drag the shortcut tab “off” it’s docked location and you will end up with an independent window. Click on your previously created “theDashboard” shortcut.

e. Back at the Dashboard, open Design…click on Create an Application and then click on “Go to the Applications Workspace” on the right. When you get there create another shortcut called myApplications. Press F2 and return again to the Dashboard.

f. Now open Run time activities…click on Manage Deployed Applications…and then click on “Go to the Deployed Information Services workspace” at the right. Once again, create a shortcut. I call mine myDeployedApps.

g. Lastly, return again to My Home (use the circle icon). I like to have a shortcut for this page also, called myHome.

h. Press F2. You should have five shortcuts:
i. myApplications
ii. myDeployedApps
iii. myProviders
iv. theDashboard
v. myHome

Now toggle your shortcut window again with F2, play with your shortcuts, and bounce around ISD and explore, just getting familiar with the available workspaces, options and capabilities!


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