I need “Google House” (how I found some valuable .dsx’s).

I just recently re-installed Google Desktop. What a life saver. A prior installation was causing me some problems with email, so a month ago I uninstalled it, and only this week found the time to download another edition and have it index my machine….. and “lo!” I found some .dsx files (DataStage Exports) that I’d forgotten I created a few years back. In particular, I’ve been meaning to write up some instructions on how to use arrays in Web Services, among other complicated Web Service invocations, and wanted to avoid re-inventing the examples from scratch. I found ’em, and will see if I can clean them up, test them in version 8, and explain them here.

Bless all of you who can keep their hard drive in a perfectly sorted arrangement of easy to locate subdirectories and well documented files! If there was a “Google House,” maybe I’d be able to find some tools I misplaced after the last renovation project….. 😉


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