Real-time Upgrades

I just returned from the west coast on “one more” red-eye, so that I could ostensibly get home and back to work and have a fully productive day.   I never really accomplish that goal, but I keep trying, like all of us, to squeeze out a few extra hours wherever I can find them.  Today’s trip was in coach, but I still managed to get a few hours of sleep, even with two fellow passengers snoring loudly nearby.   Not this time, but quite often I get the “automatic” upgrade as one of Continental’s frequent fliers, which always enhances the otherwise tiring nightime journey.

If you’ve never read anything about CO’s real-time business intelligence system, and the benefits they’ve gained as an enterprise, google it or check out this paper at

They’ve received various awards over the years for their ability to identify their best customers and recognize trends in all aspects of their business.    As a customer, it’s great to be on the receiving end of their real-time BI system.  They notify me when I get an upgrade, and wonder where I’ve been, usually with an inviting mileage offer, if I haven’t flown in awhile.   And I’ve been proactively re-routed in advance when schedules get messed up beyond anyone’s control, as they sometimes do.  Maybe they’ll invent a system that makes real-time seat changes to group all the snorers at the back of the plane.  🙂


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