learning more about blogging

Whew.  Needed to put an entry in here for myself as a reminder and to keep track of the overwhelming set of concepts and issues that I’m going thru to figure out how best to manage blogging so that I can be productive and yet still enjoy leaving informative bits and pieces here on the web.   In just a two weeks time, I’ve learned a wealth of information and also piled a lot more things on my doorstep.  Thanks to the bloggers and non-bloggers alike who have pointed me in various directions.

Where to put your blog?  Why did you pick WordPress?   Well, it was free, for starters, and seemed to have some good features, after doing a few reviews. 

Are you going to host it yourself?  I’m trying to find time to spend on the blog — host my own web site?  Not happening.  Hats off to all of you who do.

How many blogs?   Personal one, technical, a little bit of both?   Internal to IBM or external?  A lot of thoughts here, and I’m still formulating ideas.   I’m leaning now towards having several.  Maybe no one else will read ’em, but I need a place to rant about the NHL!

Technorati Tags.   That’s a whole new one to me.   Blogging begets blogging…and a need to find other bloggers…and to index your own blogs.  Still learning about this… see www.technorati.com .

Blog Clients.  Who knew?   What if you want to blog “offline?”  There are tools made for the purpose!  About to try BlogDesk.   And here I thought Notepad would be effective for cut/paste.  Ha!

Categories, RSS, etiquitte, security, blogrolls.  It’ll take awhile.  Can’t spend so much time learning about blogging if it takes away from continually learning more about realtime with Information Server!  🙂

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